Last weekend Simon was racing in Germany, Hockenheim.

The race started didn’t start that very well, he showed good speed in the practice but in the first heat he took the lead until the clutch broke down and ended second.

Heat 2 he was unfortunately involved in the start accident and got an hit on the front wheel.

Heat 3 he become 2nd in his heat with some hard conditions after putting a whole a lot of water on the track soo it become very hard to see something while having another car in front of you.

Heat 4 he won.

In the Semifinal he took the start and was first out of the first corner but unfortunately the gearing brooked and he managed to get to the final anyway. When Simon was on his way out to the starting grid the generator broke and absolutely nothing went our way that weekend.

This weekend we are in Belgium for the second race in RXLites European Championship.


The team is more then ready for this fight!

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